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  • About

    My name is Paul Cary, I am a General Contractor living and working in Chicago. I have 6 years experience working for various companies. Since 2010 I have been working independently.

    My specialties include but by no means are limited to:

    • framing
    • trim
    • demo
    • fence and decks construction
    • drywall hanging
    • general "handyman" work

New Photos Added

We shot a few photos of past projects. This particular image was taken at Logan Hardware where I framed and dry walled a large room that is now and arcade of vintage video games. See more images here.

Gone to Texas (SXSW)

Not only do I carpentry, but I play in a band called Paul Cary and the Small Scarys. We recently went down to Texas for the SXSW festival. Long drive but well worth the “bro-down” time with my band. And, oh yeah. Adam and johnathan actually built this site on the drive down. Fancy that.

Check out my music, for free, here!

Welcome to My New Site

Paints still drying around here, but It’s finally up! Feel free to drop me a line here and let me know what you think. I hope to use this site as a way to keep potential clients informed about my current and past projects.

A big hand clap to Johnathan Crawford, Adam Penly and Mike Renaud for helping me out with the site.